Tuxedo Jimmy

Portland Balloon Twister

Smiles are the biggest part of Tuxedo Jimmy’s mission. Smiles & laughter tell Tuxedo Jimmy that he’s not just twirling latex and air: he’s making your day. A true performer, Tuxedo Jimmy’s art is a craft, one he routinely experiments with, ever pushing his own boundaries. Still, Tuxedo Jimmy’s stage presence is warm, calm, and reassuring, as though you’re part of his family. Never one to say no, Tuxedo Jimmy has over one hundred balloon designs, various magic tricks, and a myriad of jokes stretching as far as the imagination.

Twisting Balloons

The hardest working balloon guy in the biz, Tuxedo Jimmy is Portland’s funniest balloon twister, juggler, and unicycle artist. A popular Saturday Market landmark, Tuxedo Jimmy can be seen twisting balloon animals & hats, juggling pins, riding his unicycle, or telling jokes in one of his colorful vintage tuxedos. The freestyling, multitalented sensation is available for grand openings, company picnics, birthday parties of all ages — if you’re throwing a party, Tuxedo Jimmy will be there!

No two of Tuxedo Jimmy’s parties are alike. With a single-second helium inflation system for small parties, a nitrogen system for large parties, and the optional assistance of his face painting wife, Chandra, Tuxedo Jimmy will come to your party, state fair, family ceremony, or whatever your mind can dream! Bonus: Tuxedo Jimmy has studied American Sign Language (ASL) for two years, making him perfect deaf-focused gatherings or events!

A basic Tuxedo Jimmy party is guaranteed to include the following:

  • Minimum One balloon sculpture per guest
  • Unicycle riding & games (provided there’s room)
  • Juggling include three (3) ball trick juggling and non-trick club juggling
  • Unlimited jokes, all geared toward the age of the guests (family friendly for kids, clever for adults)


Born & raised in Portland, OR, Tuxedo Jimmy has studied balloon and clown arts for almost a decade. In addition to standard balloon animals and tube hats, Tuxedo Jimmy creates multicolored fusions in what he calls “balloon caricature.” His life size sculptures have been prominently featured in busy Portland malls, such as the Lloyd Center, and seen on members of Portland’s circus elite. Just like any doctor or teacher, Tuxedo Jimmy pursues ongoing education, regularly attending industry conventions like Balloon Workshop and Bling Bling Jam, among others.